Komu feat. Antti Tuure - Time

(Komu) #1

New renoise track!

Made entirely in Renoise.

Keyscape Piano and Ep and couple of samples:


(stoiximan) #2

Nice loved the sax.

(Komu) #3

Thank you stoiximan!
Here is a video for that track:

(Same Freaky Sound) #4

Nice track, i love the flow :slight_smile: and video too simple and effective!

(Komu) #5

Thank you Same Freaky Sound! Nice to hear that!! ?

(Cie) #6

Relaxing track with chill atmosphere. Nice. In my point of view the beat could have been a little bit more complex/modulating.

(Komu) #7

Okay cool! Thanks for the feedback Cie!

(Widowsson379) #8

Great tune! Loved the drums and sax! ?

(Komu) #9

Thank you Widowsson! :slight_smile: