KONE for male choir and tracker software (Renoise)


My first choir piece KONE (Machine) was performed a few days ago. But actually it’s a piece for choir and tracker software (Renoise). Check it out! http://areena.yle.fi/tv/1885763

Lyrics translation:

Waking up - warming up - ready.
A robot works, a machine produces, it doesn’t get tired, it never stops.
It’s mechanic and totally different - a soul of a machine.
It will free us - without our permission.

Solo: It paints, it sings, it’s made by us, to replace us.
Choir: Slowing down, stopping -
Solo: A man should not -
Choir: sing like a machine.

A robot works, a machine produces, it doesn’t get tired, it never stops. Machine sings.

Hope you people like it! You can listen to a better mix @ www.antonvalle.fi

Nice work indeed!

Like the way you have the pattern data projecting on the choir! :)

How long did it take you to complete this one?

Glad you like it! Composing of the music took just a few days, but I spent a lot more time on the theme and lyrics. The tracker video that is projected on the choir is actually a screen capture of Schism Tracker playing the same song with a very low tempo.

Yes the data certainly looked slowed down.

Cool stuff!

KONE now available with enhanced video production and audio + subtitles:

What made you decide to go for a retro approach regarding the music in Renoise itself?

Well, I first did the tracker part with Schism Tracker, to really get the retro instrument on the stage. But the sound was just too harsh. So with Renoise’s filters, reverb and compressors I could make it more organic, but still maintain the clear retro feel.

Coolest use of Renoise in a performance I’ve ever seen. Amazing! Makes me proud to be a Renoise user, for some reason.

Just great :wink:

This is pretty awesome

This is like seeing your favorite child perform in the school play… Beautiful! :)