Kontakt 5 DSP magic?

I’ve inserted a single output Kontakt5 plugin, loaded the 808 Kit from the factory and laid down a tom line on track 1, some basic hats on track 2, some claps on track 3, and some cowbells on track 4. On tracks 1 and 2 I have some renoise DSPs.

Somehow without inserting the mult-output Kontak5 plugin, Renoise is magically processing DSP effects in isolation on each track and processing them through the same output of the plugin?

This is just a single instance of Kontakt5, a few different pattern tracks, and somehow the DSP just knows what I’m trying to do?

It’s great, I’m guessing that Renoise is capturing the output somehow separately, intercepting it and processing renoise DSPs and routing back through the plugin output somehow?

I’m not sure if I have found a bug, this is how it’s supposed to work or what?

Can anyone explain exactly WTF is happening in terms of signal flow? I would love to know how Renoise handles this in such a unique way without encumbering me to manage more stuff…

Here is the RNS

Opening the Output panel on Track 1 I see a bunch of outputs, but only one is checked, and as I play the song a strange thing is happening:

Auto Assign/Track is switching between tracks automatically.

This must be what is happening with the DSP. It automatically switches the tracks somehow?

Is there a way to turn this off or prevent it? I guess I answered my question.

I guess I would insert the multi-output kontakt and then use that output panel to assign tracks?

Ah I see, checking the box on the track assigns it and prevents the automatic feature.

N/m :) nothing to see here.

You figured it out yet?

Yeah I think I got it. It was somehow doing an auto-routing, but I don’t know exactly how that works.

you have to assign the track to the channel in kontakt itself. …

i had similar problems with this shit. had a reverb on some instrument, and on another track an alias with another instrument
and either kontakt or renosie kept sending the same reverb signal to the other isntrument.

until i’ve re-assigned some stuff within kontakt and assigned the tracks in renoise.

gonna fix a screenshot tomorrow.

infact … i can’t sleep anyways and the movie i’m about to watch isn’t running yet.
i’ve fixed you a fast screenshot and gonna explain how to get it done …

so first of all, you load one kontakt main instance. then the rest as aliases.
now you assign the midi channels to each aliases. midi chan for kontakt main instrument.

that means also in kontakt you have to assign the chans. but i think you know that :)

on the main kontakt instrument, you click on the Output feature. there you are able to
assign tracks to the outputs of each kontakt alias and so forth.

ok. now that you know THAT!

head over to kontakt main instrument, fold all instruments, then open up the output
channels within kontakt. there you see st.1 which has 1|2 assigned to it.
that’s one kontakt output. Add Channels lets you add more. click on it and add another st channel.
this will be st.2 and will have 2|3 … this will continue as much as you need.
just remember how you named the channels and assign the the tracks to the correct channels in kontakt.

now assign a dsp to a track. play your instrument and you will notice that only this instrument will
have and use the dsp of the giving track in renoise. you can play that instrument where ever you want,
it will only use the dsp’s assigned to track01 :)

etc pp.

if ya need any help, hit me …

i’ll fix ya a fast xrns …

Thanks man. I appreciate your detailed explanation. This is sorta what I did, except I had only 1 multi with multiple tracks. In the end it was a combination of what you explained in your message (but I didn’t need aliases) - the multi in Kontakt was a drum one so each track had different instruments. What I finally did was add the multiple outputs in Kontakt then route each one to the appropriate track in renoise. I will keep this post bookmarked when I do multiple multi’s in kontakt next :)