Kontakt 7 problem

New Kontakt 7 player works ok, but window works bad. First time I insert Kontakt 7 player is working, but when I deselect this plugin and select it again - window never shows. I must save and load project and then (and only then) Renoise can open plugin window. Only once.

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NATIVE plugins have problemsā€¦

But a smart forum user will help you

I have no problems with any other Native plugins, including Kontakt 6.

So an API version problem

But NATIVE plugins are not so reliable

Referring to some posts on the net

No, their plugin manager is crappy, rest is stable as rock.
IK have problem with stability, but not NI plugins.
Anyway - itā€™s some thing worth investigate.

no problem with IKā€¦No problem at all

Test their SSL strip emulationšŸ˜ˆ

Glad to hear that you have no problem with IK stability, unlike dozens of users on many forums. :slight_smile:
I have almost everything from IK, so I know from my experience that their plugin likes to crash sometimes. Some more frequent, some not.

Really strangeā€¦seriously

really stable

I think drivers are low level,soā€¦can be problematic

Full Intel in my case

AMD doesnā€™t permit 90 degree ventirad rotation

My PC is like the new high end Xboxā€¦take fresh air from bottom and reject warm air to topā€¦since 7 years

this bug has been reported in a separate thread, and it was fixed in the latest kontakt update

Update appears today, so I just installing it. Thanx!

Here are the specsā€¦

I hope to use early Kontakt 7 in Renoise.

7.1.3 - 2022-12-12
New filters, purge all instances, browser features, KSP commands, bug fixes.


ADDED Purge all instances when Kontakt 7 is running as a plug-in
ADDED 6 pole state variable (SV) filters
ADDED Tone Machine and Time Machine 1 Smooth parameter modulation
ADDED Reveal sample location via Mapping Editor edit menu and Wave Editor command menu (cog)
IMPROVED Maximum number of host automation slots increased to 1024
IMPROVED Flex envelope slope can now be modulated for the first 8 segments, and includes Loop and Oneshot parameters
IMPROVED Online KSP documentation can be directly accessed through the help menu
FIXED Right click to open Quick-Load not working
FIXED DAW key commands intercepted by Kontakt when running as a plug-in
FIXED Notes would auto repeat when holding a key when using QWERTY as virtual keyboard
FIXED Temporarily black performance view when loading Kontakt Factory Library 2 instruments
FIXED Plug-in window would not re-open after being closed in Renoise with Kontakt VST3
FIXED Crash using Quick-Load with a large number of entries. Number of visible entries has been reduced to 5000 as a consequence
FIXED Voices would hang with certain effects placed post amp
FIXED Time Machine Pro Legato would get out of sync when playing loops
FIXED Cabinet effect in Output section would cut off the sound
FIXED Excessive smoothing on group Tune parameter in wavetable mode
FIXED ā€œRestore loops from samplesā€ option in Wave Editor not working when using the same sample repeatedly
FIXED Auto-mapping using the ā€œMake group nameā€ token did not work properly
FIXED Pasting a group without samples would paste with samples, and pasting groups with samples was not refreshing the Mapping Editor
FIXED Loops 2-8 were not working in MP60, S1200 and TMPro modes


ADDED Presets list now displays and sorts Instruments, Multis and Snapshots by their file type
ADDED Reset Browser filter state
ADDED Import multiple Custom Libraries in bulk
ADDED Customize name of imported Custom Libraries (using the Alias field)
ADDED Error messages for failed Library import
IMPROVED Tooltips display full text for Import Dialogue Folder path and Alias field, as well as Library tiles, in case when the text was truncated
FIXED Resized components are now correctly displayed when the Preset list is dragged horizontally


ADDED Convolution Auto Gain can now be accessed via KSP with $ENGINE_PAR_IRC_AUTO_GAIN
ADDED Time Machine Legato button can now be accessed via KSP with $ENGINE_PAR_TM_LEGATO
ADDED get_zone_id() translates the zone index to the zone ID
ADDED XY Pad cursor values can now be set and retrieved with set_control_par_real_arr() and get_control_par_real_arr()
ADDED New commands get_group_idx() , get_mod_idx(), get_target_idx(), deprecating the usage of find_group(), find_mod() and find_target(). These commands return $NI_NOT_FOUND when the queried object is not found
ADDED Additional math functions and logic commands: cbrt(), log2(), log10(), exp2(), signbit(), sgn(), bitwise .xor., boolean xor
ADDED Zone BPM can now be set and retrieved with $ZONE_PAR_BPM zone parameter
ADDED Zone sample rate can now be retrieved with $ZONE_PAR_SAMPLE_RATE zone parameter
ADDED Zone state can now be determined with get_zone_status() command which returns $NI_ZONE_STATUS_EMPTY, $NI_ZONE_STATUS_LOADED, $NI_ZONE_STATUS_PURGED, $NI_ZONE_STATUS_IGNORED and deprecates the usage of is_zone_empty()
IMPROVED From Script modulator can now have its value set without internal range clamping by using $EVENT_PAR_MOD_VALUE_EX_ID
IMPROVED Zone parameters can now be set with KSP for all zones when using snapshot modes 2 and 3
IMPROVED Modulo operation now also works with real numbers
IMPROVED Added real() and int() value conversion commands, deprecating int_to_real() and real_to_int()
IMPROVED Zone settings were not taken into account when using change_vol and change_pan, introduced mode 2
FIXED Crash with output_channel_name() when channel count is zero
FIXED Incorrect warning messages were displayed for any zone related commands
FIXED $MARK_28 is no longer used by the internal sustain pedal script

With the last update from NI 7.1.3 RUNS like a charm

First time didnt show the screen, so I saw that runs if you have DirectX 12.
Then I updated and voila !!
Here is the screen :
it runs 7

some random plugin window errors here


and all the knobs not in the right positions. the big knob respond in the center of the replika window, not in the place where the knob in the UI

and i get this in latest kontakt 7 vst3, vst 2 and so onā€¦

LoL. I was going to post about this issue
Yea, i have got problems with KONTAKT 7 too. The plugin panel will open only once. Then it never shows.

  • Air Music Hybrid synth also causing the same problem, but with a black plugin panel.
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Native Instruments plugins as reliable as any other brand in general. Renoise has issues with NI on API level (I think). Any other DAW works with NI just fine.

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It was actually an NI problem. Today i have received the most recent update on NI access center.
Kontakt 7 is working fine right now.

Did this already happen to Massive X, to? I tried it once, and it was a mess in macos Renoise, sluggish, not reacting gui, and those above crashes. Didnā€™t find a changelog, only outdated forum entriesā€¦

I actually dont know. I own only the old massive. Try to update it to the most recent version.