Kontakt 7 window won't open

NI just released Komplete 14, and with it comes a brand new version of Kontakt (finally).

unfortunately it acts really strange in renoise. when i load it in under the plugin tab, the kontakt window shows up, and it works fine. but for whatever reason, once i close it i can’t open it again. no matter how much i double click on it in the instruments panel, it won’t open.

if i loaded an instrument into it before closing it, i can still play the instrument, i just can’t open the damn window. no matter if i’m in the plugin tab, the edit tab or whatever.

it only exists as VST3 so maybe that has something to do with it? i don’t have any issues with other VST3 plugins however (except massive x, but at least that’s available as VST2 as well).

kind of a bummer as i’ve been looking forward to an updated kontakt player for ages, and now it’s here and it …sorta works? i just can’t see the damn window.

anyone else?

no one? i’ve used renoise for over a decade now and this is the first time i’ve ever experienced being unable to open an already loaded in vst. it’s just such a weird problem. like how is it even possible? any devs wanna chime in?

From what I’ve gathered, Kontakt 7 is not quite stable yet. I’ve read of it crashing users DAWs. I would take your issue with NI.

well, it’s working perfectly fine. i’ve used it for hours already, tried out tens of different libraries, no crashes or anything. the only problem is that once i close the window, i can’t open it again. not from the instruments list, not from the plugin tab.

sorry if i sound frustrated or repeating myself, but i just can’t believe how i seem to be the only one on here using the new version of kontakt. i just want to hear from one other user who’ve had similar problems…

Yep its happening here also. But there are also small issues other and in other daws there are other issue, so it looks like it “not there yet”.

Log shows:
Vst3Plugs: Instantiating: /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST3/Kontakt 7.vst3…
Vst3Plugs: Disabled auto-suspending for plugin ‘Native Instruments: Kontakt 7’ (it reports an infinite tail)
Vst3Plugs: Failed to suggest speaker arrangement (not critical)
Vst3Plugs: Opening custom editor window for plug ‘Native Instruments: Kontakt 7’…

Vst3Plugs: Editor window for plug ‘Native Instruments: Kontakt 7’ was closed
Vst3Plugs: Opening custom editor window for plug ‘Native Instruments: Kontakt 7’…
Vst3Plugs: Failed to attach plugin editor (1). FAILED to open the editor…

Error Message: Failed to create the plugin GUI. See the log for details.

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This is what I suspected as I mentioned earlier…

I’ve observed that problem as well with just the VST3 version.

This morning I’ve been testing with the AU2 version, and it does reopen after I close it.

I know, that’s no help whatsoever if you wanted to use the VST3. Just sayin’…

Same thing here - Kontakt 7 external editor opens once, but after closing, it won’t open again.

Is there by any chance any update on this issue yet?

I just noticed this also, when you load an instance of the free Kontakt 7 Player, it works fine, you can load an instrument and there’s nothing strange happening.


However when you go to another instrument slot, and then go back to the Kontakt 7 slot, the program is nowhere to be found. It works just fine, you can play your instrument, but there’s just nothing there


over at the native instruments forums, NI has assured us that there’s a fix for this in the next update.


Kontakt 7 was updated today, and the bug has been fixed