Kontakt And Portamento.

this is something I always wanted to write, and now I finally have time and will to do it.

one of the most frequently asked question by complete newbie Kontakt users is “why the hell does this thing have no portamento”?

Well, it actually has it, but it’s not enabled by default.

To activate it and succesfully use it on ReNoise, try the following:

on the track where you want to use the Kontakt instance, add a MIDICCdevice and assign it to the correct instrument slot.

set a “CC No” slider to a desired value.

on the Kontakt program, add the glide modifier by doing the following:
Source => Pre. => + => Others => GLIDE

a little module called “glide 1” will be added to the Source chain.
rightclick on it’s Speed knob and choose “MIDI REMOTE”.
A little box will appear, where you can type the Midi CC# you have set into the MIDICCDevice.

Now, when you need the portamento, set the MIDICCdevice slider’s value to something different than 0, according to the desired speed. When you don’t need it, just set it to zero.

Note: you can also specify portamento time instead of portamento speed by selecting it via the “Speed” dropdown list in the Glide module.

By experimenting a little, you will see how much this can be useful.

smart tipp.

You are my hero It-Alien!!

Is this possible also with other kontakt’s features??

:drummer: thanx :drummer:

P.S. Do you know where can I find some new kontakt’s instruments patch (I have already visited the link posted in the “post free vst intruments” topic, in “general discussion” section… and now I’m searching for something else:) )


yes, of course you can apply the MIDI remoting to ANY other knob where, by rightclicking it, a “MIDI remote…” menu choice appears…

my most used sources are: