Kontakt Makes Strage Noises

Hi guys---------------------

Here is my problem:

I’m working on a song and I’m using Kontakt for guitars, basses and pianos
I hear strange short noises coming only from the tracks Kontakt is loaded in------------------ It’s like when you try to tune your radio and you get no signal, only noise---------------

This happens:

  • always in the same patterns but not in the same Kontakt channel (once it’s in the guitars channel, then in the bass channel etc…) and (sometimes) not in the same pattern-row,

  • in every song which uses Kontakt

I guess it’s something about Kontakt or Renoise’s configuration, but I’m not an expert musician, so I don’t know how to fix this problem…

Please help me :o

:drummer: thanx :drummer:

maybe a CPU overloading?

did you check the buffer config in ReNoise and soundcard panel, if using ASIO?

-so vivid- :yeah:

could you sample just the noises and send them to me? I`m always looking for interesting noises.

My CPU works at 25%/30% and I’m using directsound--------------------

Escii: I’ll sample the noise for you… :huh:

:drummer: see you :drummer:

  • yet at the same time -