Kontakt & Renoise Problems

Hi guys, does anyone know why my Kontakt is playing up? It loads ok in Renoise and I can use it ok but a few strange things happen like when I load a sample I can’t then delete it! I have to change the VST to another soft synth and then load Kontakt up again if I want to get rid of it!!

All when you disable certain views the overall layout goes a bit funny.

It just feels clunky!!! You know what I mean?!!

Any ideas?

It works fine in Cubase but in Renoise it acts a bit strangely.

Any help would be great thanks peeps.


which version of Kontakt are you using?

Version 1.5.1

I don’t have such problems.

if by “sample” you mean an instrument, using the “Load/Save=>Remove=>…” function works for me.

if you mean a sample into the mapping editor, selecting it, rightclicking and using “delete zone” also works correctly.

the resizing problem when hiding some views was present in older versions of Kontakt (and Reaktor), that’s why I asked which version are you using.

I use and I have no such problems

Thanks mate, I’ll get a newer version of Kontakt and hopefully that will sort my problems out.