Kontakt VST multi out in Renoise

I read that people can send midi channels to renoise tracks 1 channel per track but can’t do it, doesn’t work in 2.8 nor in 3.0 :frowning:

What I do:

  1. load Kontakt

  2. load 2 virtual instruments

  3. one channel added to mixer, first one st. 1 gets outputs 1/2, second one st. 2 gets 3/4

  4. set one instrument to audio: 1 / midi channel: 1 and the second one to audio 2, midi channel 2

  5. Kontakt’s instrument settings -> Bus #01 - Kt. st. 1/Kt. st. 1 R -> autoassign -> track 1

Bus #02 - Kt. aux 1/Kt. aux 1 R -> autoassign -> track 2

The same procedure works in every other daw but doesn’t work in Renoise. What gives?


you’ve got to alias that kontakt VST to send midi to its different instruments (Plugin > VST alias > Kontakt) in another instrument

don’t forget to assign the specific midi channel you want to send to the desired instrument in that alias


Works like a charm, thank you!

Ah cool thanks!

Oh my god, thank you for this thread! :slight_smile:

I was wondering how to set up Maschine 2.3 as a VST inside of Renoise and have it send midi/audio to separate tracks. I had this set up similarly in Logic Pro X, where I had 16 separate tracks for one instance of Maschine, and route the midi and audio from each of my 16 pads into Logic on their own individual channels so that I have full control over the mix and arrangement in Logic’s sequencer. I can’t stand the Maschine sequencer, and Logic’s sequencer isn’t much better, which is the main reason I bought Renoise.

Knowing how to do this now will be a life saver!