Can I load only 1 instance of kontakt in renoise with different instruments loaded in a so-called multi (different instruments on different midi channels) and trigger those different instruments via different tracks in renoise or do i have to load different instances of kontakt with each instance having its own instrument loaded listening on a different midi channel.
I was wondering how the kontakt-renoise users out there do this ?

Thanks for helping this kontakt beginner out.


I’m a beginner too…

You can’t trigger the same Kontakt istance in different tracks(an alert message appears at the bottom of the renoise window:“the current VSTi is already playing in track X,enter the notes into this track or create a new istance to play on a different track”), but you can create your own multi instrument and use it into the same track, by using Kontakt’s mapping editor…

Hope this is helpful, I’m waiting for It-Alien’s answer, he is very expert :ph34r:

:drummer: see you :drummer:

Personally I use a different Kontakt instance for each instrument, as even if a multi could ever work, I wouldn’t want to put more than one instrument on a single track, which is the only way this could be done.

Kontakt is very light, at least compared to HAlion and SampleTank:
I can play 6 or 7 instances at the same time on my P3 733.

What you could try is to use Kontakt standalone and use ReNoise as a MIDI out host. I bet this should work for Multi instruments

It Alien how well does Kontakt run within renoise? Is it smooth or a bit glitchy?

Come to think of it they must make quite a good combination :huh:

Personally I’ve tried SampleTank, HAlion and VirtualSampler before deciding to buy Kontakt.

I find its interface a little annoying sometimes, but the more time passes, the more I’m proud of my choice: it’s the fastest between them, runs quite smooth on my p3 733 (6 instances can be played concurrently with not so great polyphony) and the internal send effect system is just great.

Loads AKAI, WAV, AIFF, GIG, Baktery, FXB and own NKI format.

I’m definitely happy with Kontakt :)

6 instances on a P3 733, wow, is this on Win XP? BTW do you have an MP3s of tracks with Kontakt being used?


I reached 9 istances at the same time, but I have an Athlon Xp 2000+. I think It-Alien is a master in configuring his computer so he menages to use it at its maximum…

I would like to have the chance to use more istances, but I don’t know the right tweaks to increase my PC’s performances when using Renoise and Kontakt :(

By the way, it’s really a great sampler, with high quality instruments and infinite possibilities to manipulate sounds.

:drummer: see you :drummer:

Thats what I’ve been hearing. But a lot of hardware sampler users day that it sounds too cold and digital compared to Akais and EMUs. ;)


well I’m not a master: I just don’t use videogames :)

I use Windows 2000 and a very few programs which write on the registry.

I mainly use my home PC for music and Internet, so I don’t need to format every month :) I’ve formatted last time on 1998, then I’ve just copied Hard Disk images starting from a 4GB until the present 120GB HD and upgraded from Win95 to 98 and then to Win2000 :o

Out of curiosity: for mailing, newsgroup and FTP sessions, I use the same programs I used on 1995 :D

I think that this is mostly due to the composer :)
I mean: they sound digital because they ARE digital, but by putting more efforts on it, you can obtain good results.

Look at the bottom of this message: “the Uncertainity Principle” has been made with Kontakt for drums, flute and strings and piano.

Consider that I wasn’t using Kontakt’s send effects, which could have let me, for example, putting different reverb amount for each drum piece.

other songs are on my site’s music page (if you’ve never been on my site you could get a little shocked :blink: )