This may a really noob question, but when i “build” a rack in Kontakt6 or Reason, there is no way to play each instrument in the rack? Both Full Versions… In the old times i used Midi, but now? What do i not see?

  • or just simply duplicate/create a new instance?

I don’t know if this is exactly you issue, but I think you have to create new instruments with alias of the kontact plugin and tweak the midi channels (in renoise instrument left tab) to target the wanted (kontact) instruments.

Unless recent updates have changed things the Reason Rack Plugin doesn’t support this. You’ll have to load another instance.

I do what you’re trying to do with Nektarine and the Akai MPC VST and you need to set the different instruments within the vst to receive different midi channels in the plugin then have the right editor tracks sending the right channels to the plugin.

Here’s how you can do it with Kontakt:

  1. Create your instrument list inside Kontakt, and map them to output channels. Under ‘Preset / Batch’ → ‘clear output section zzz’


  1. Create an alias for each instrument. Select the instrument under the plugin pin-icon, and update the channel number for each alias, so it can be mapped to Renoise channels


  1. On the plugin tab in Renoise, under audio routing, enable each output.


  1. The default routing is ‘current track’, but from experience I would recommend selecting which tracks the audio should go to.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I was not able to do this :frowning: …instead i did some new Instruments with Kontakt 6, CPU and memory appears good so far :slight_smile: …and the main advantage is that every track in renoise can be controlled :slight_smile: - but a “Virtual Rack” would also be cool :wink:
Thank you all for your help :hugs: