Korg ER1 Editor (Max4Live)

(midi error) #1

Here’s an editor I’ve made for Max4Live…maybe some of you are Ableton users?!

Hope you like it,

(Djeroek) #2

Very cool, wish there was some editor like this for guru *hint *hint :wink:

(midi error) #3

Thanks! I’m petty sure GURU does NRPNS. Would you be willing to pay for it?

(Djeroek) #4

Depends on the price.

(midi error) #5

ofcourse! Did you ask on Reddit too, or was that someone else?

(Djeroek) #6

Someone else, I`m not active on reddit.

(midi error) #7

Interesting… let me do a couple of tests in GURU I remember NRPNs being a nightmare on the A-Station Editor I made: