Korg Legacy Collection - Digital Edition

While searching this forum, I have noticed that many users report that their “Korg legacy” VSTi:s don’t work properly in Renoise.

Since I am about to buy “KORG Legacy Collection - Digital Edition” for exclusive usage in Renoise, I wonder if the problems are still there.

So, anyone who owns this VSTi – can you please tell me whether it works fine with Renoise or not? (I am a registered Renoise user.)

Unfortunately, there is no demo on KORG’s website to download for testing purposes. I have to rely on other Renoisers’ judgement here.


I used a “demo” version of legacy collection, and it worked fine.
I now have bought the virtual MS20 (the only thing I liked besides the M1)
and it also works flawlessly.

The M1 works also reading this post:

so I think, it should work now.
maybe keith303 or tnt97 can confirm this for you.

i had a problem launching the Korg M1, which is part of the “digital edition”.
with the release of renoise v1.52 that issue has been fixed however.

ok i have the korg legacy collection, and i can tell you it alll works fine here, , i can also tell you the m1 does not use that much cpu… which is nice ofcourse… i don’t have a crack but the real thing, same for renoise and windows… i just like to add with the cracked windows it didnt all work so fine… and no, i am NOT related in any way to bill gates…;(… ;)

t.b.h. i found the korg synths a great addition to my setup, i threw away all my illegal synths because the package really is enough for me.,since i also own emulator x…i can say that there is not a single piece of illegal software on my systems, which actually makes me feel better when i make music… so i would say… go and buy … it is great stuff…

windows xp… that is…

Thanks for the info, guys.

I must confess that I am really confused in regard to the different packages that Korg offers.

As I understand it, the “Korg legacy collection” (released in 2004) consist of an older set of software VSTi:s, namely: MS-20, Polysix, Legacy cell, Wavestation, VST Effects – and a hardware controller?. Whereas the “Korg legacy collection - Digital Edition” (released in 2006?) consist just two VSTi:s in newer versions, namely: M1, Wavestation, and VST MDE-X (Effects). Is that correct?

I am interested in getting the just released (March 3, 2006) trance/techno sound collection called “Vengeance Soundset for Korg Legacy Collection”, programmed by Manuel Schleis (see http://www.vengeance-sound.com. However, I don’t understand in which version of the “Korg legacy collection” it will work. Does anyone know if it works in both editions?

Which version would you recommend? (Observe that there is no demo to download for the digital edition.)

hmm the link didnt work , but i can tell you this…

the OLD package of the legacy collection =

ms20 software+controller
polysix software
mde-x effectsprocessor
korg legacy cell…( lets you combine the polysix and ms20, and mde=x fx…)

the NEW packages ARE…

  • virtual ms20 ( ms20 software+controller)

-analog edition (ms20 +polysix software, NO controller, but legacy cell and mde-x fx)

  • digital edition (m1 + wavestation software + mde-x fx)

i hope this helps you … i will try the link again later today…

oh yeah transcender, what i would recommend is a bit of a dificult question, it depends on what you are looking for, what kind of music do you want to make and what kind of sound are you looking for…?..

the analog edition consists of 2 ( in my opinion) very well build pieces of software which very nicely emulate 2 classic analog synths… where you can shape all the individual aspects of the programs, but they will probably sound very nice and interesting… and musical… :) they have few presets, but the modulation possibilities and controls are there in masses so you can make ( and save ) as many sounds as you want… so if you want the sound of an ms20 and polysix, (very characteristic sounding synths) take this package…

the digital edition has a completely different sound, simply because they are replications of 2 digital synths (which do not really work with oscillators for there raw waveforms, but pcm samples… ) of which probably the wavestation is for most ppl the most interesting one, because of the way it creates its sound( the way the modulation matrix is shaped…) and, of course the way it sounds… the m1 originally has the same sound engine as the wavestation ( i THINK… correct me if i am wrong…), only a ‘‘bit’’ of a different structure in the synth itself… so … these synths are sounding a bit more digital… do not expect the same fat filtersweeps or deep basses or agression you would get from the ms20 for instance, but on the other hand this is also a very interesting way to construct very nice evolving soundscapes, and do not forget it has about 3000+ presets and 700+ pcm waveforms to play around with, and i must say the interface is very straightforward…( to me that is …)and another + is … the m1 does not need a lot of cpu not even whit several reverbs and fx (from within the synth, not mde-x…) and of course, with the m1 you get tons of flasbacks to the 80’s, and several filmscores, for which this m1 synth was shamelessly pumping out its presets… without beeing tweaked to much… i believe a true festival of recognition this synth is hope this helps you making your choice…

anyway to make your queste for the best fitting synth in your setup a bit more difficult… :), i would like to add… also check out rgc audio’s Z3TA+, and Rob Papen’s Blue…

regards Rocco g

…and, the m1 also has a lot of guitar-, flute-,organ-,acoustc/electric/synthbass-, trumpet- and saxsounds and also drumprograms, i think korg was in the earlie 90’s aiming for replicating those type of sounds with the m1…
the wavestation is a atory on its own, but all i am gonna say about that is … the price is worth it and you are probably gonna like it … :)

Thanks for the reviews of the KLC versions. I already own VSTi:s such as Vanguard, Z3ta+, Pro-53, Atmosphere, Realguitar, etc. What I specifically lack in my sound collection is a broad range of common patches that are more of digital “instruments” rather than just “sounds”. That is – patches that may be used for melodies, but additionally are not emulations of real instruments (I have no use for “GM-sounds” such as pianos, trombones, organs, etc).

The music I try to create is that special 80’s synthpop sound: digital synthbrass, juno-106 basslines, nice melodies and maybe some vocoders. It is melody driven in a sense – listen to the music in this video with Koto to find out what kind out sounds I’m trying to emulate:


ok after seeing that i am sure you need the m1… :)

What type of copy protection does the digital edition use? I want to put it on both my stationary and laptop computers without having to plug in USB dongles and such annoying things. Possible?

it has got a dongle… :(

Dammit! I hate those USB dongles.


Quoting from Korg’s website: “NOTE: The software of this product is copy-protected. In order to use this product, you will need a computer that can be connected to the Internet, and has a USB port.”

Very important question: Does it mean that I have to re-configure my stationary computer, which has no Internet connection and is dedicated to music software only, and make it connected to the Internet? What do they exactly mean by “use” here? Just the onetime registration of the product or every goddamned startup of the VSTi itself in Renoise? That is: do the computer where the VSTi is in use have to be connected to the Internet as well? Or is it enough to have the USB dongle connected and use another computer for the Internet connection thing?

you have to activate the dongle by putting the serial code in it … then you can install the software on multiple pc’s, but you need the dongle to run … it … although…i remember when i first installed the software, i could use it already without doing anything at all with the dongle… i believe you can register after a few days (30…??) , i will install the korg DE on my other pc also tomorrow and could let you know what happens… :)

regards, Rocco

oh and the internet connection is only for getting the activation code…
you get a serial with the cd… then you install… you have to log on to www.korguser.net there you fill in the serial, then you get the code for your dongle…write it, and it is ready to use… but you dont need to connect the pc if it hasnt got initernet, just get that code with another pc which is connected to the internet…

Thanks! :)

Well, i did it , installed on second pc, and it works fine, only on the first pc now the legacy cell didnt work anymore, because it uses the mde-x … so it asked for the protection device,(dongle) otherwise it works well, just needed to install the dongle on the 2nd pc but then it worked fine… on either pc…as long as the dongle was connected…