Korg Legacy Collection plugins finally getting an update

Just in case people here haven’t heard (Korg supposedly sent out an email to all Legacy Collection locense holders, but many didn’t get it, including myself), Korg has updated their licensing procedure for the Korg Legacy collection, and renamed it just Korg Collection. They also added a sweet ARP Odyssey emu, basically the same as the iOS one.

They say they are going to FINALLY update the GUIs for the older plugs! At long last! They haven’t done it yet, but it’s promised for the near future. I think they’ll probably port the iOS interfaces to desktop.

So, just a heads-up, in case anyone here hasn’t heard. Just go to korguser.net and sign in to see instructions for migrating your old KLC license to the new system. They’re going to shut down korguser.net some time in the future, so best to do it now. I migrated today with no trouble.

And, Merry Christmas, Renoisers! ??

Good lookin’ out, homie!

I didn’t get a notification about the change, either, but now all my licenses are safely migrated :slight_smile: