Korg LegacyCell 1.6 not working in Renoise

Anyone got LegacyCell 1.6 working in Renoise? Parameter changes are not saved here.

If I open the plugin, move a slider and then duplicate the instrument, the new plugin instance will not have the slider changes.

Win10 with latest updates, Renoise 3.3.2.

It works in OpenMPT.

Any help appreciated.

EDIT: I found that there’s no <ParameterChunk> content in the instrument. If I delete the LegacyCell.fxb file in C:\ProgramData\KORG\LegacyCell the long string of <ParameterChunk> data is back. But deleting LegacyCell.fxb will also eliminate all presets, so that’s not a good solution.

EDIT2: It forces the “Use static processing buffers” option. No way to deselect it. Can this be part of the issue, like here: Linux / Windows VSTi does NOT save plugin options

LegacyCell unfortunately is no longer available at korg.com so I can’t download a test version.

Does this only happen when duplicating an instrument. Does it work correctly when saving/loading a song?

This won’t affect loading/saving, so this very likely is not the problem.

Duplicating as well as saving/loading.

I’ll send you a mail reg. this.