Korg Nanokey Shoddy Workmanship

yo chaps, so i bought a korg nanokey today, and the half the keys were broken/not working out the box. apparently this is a common problem with the Korg nano series in general…anyone else had any similar problems/experiences with the nano series?

i dont own a korg nanokey but ive seen them and they allready look flimsy.
the akai mini ones are much better build.


I think there was a thread about this same problem a while ago. The dude didn’t get any signal out of it and after a while he discovered the whole thing was just doa :P
I’m still looking for a cheap nano kontrol tho’, seems incredibly handy…

yeah, kinda puts me off korg a bit tbh… yeah, im getting a cash refund on monday and grabbing an akai lpk 25 :D

I happen to have all three of the Korg nanothingies (I won in a compo) and I have experience of other nanoKeys

IMHO, the nanoKey is crap and I would really pay more money for a portable keyboard (I’ll check out the akai)

However, the nanoKontrol and the nanoPad are of a much better build, The nanoKontrol is particularly excellent in Renoise with Duplex

…but the nanoKey really was/is disappointing and certainly not worth the £30 that they are now asking for it