Korg Nanopad

I just unpacked my Korg nanoPad and it doesn’t work.
I installed the drivers, assigned it in Renoise as Midi IN device.
But the Pads don’t react, except Pad Nr. 5 & 11, which sometimes trigger a note. But i have to push a corner quite hard down. (even then the velocity value doesn’t go much above 40)
It feels like all the pads are already “pushed in”, like they can’t “lift”. (don’t know how to explain this better).
My question to all who own this thing too: is my nanopad broken (DOA) or is it just me? Are the pads supposed to move down a bit when pressed or aren’t they, like mine do? I just want to make sure it’s not a Renoise related problem or a user error before returning this device.
Please help, thanks!

Look it up. “Korg Nanopad Usage” or something like that.

Errrm… very helpful… :rolleyes:
Of course i searched this forum and google before aksing. No offense…
Or did you have something particular in mind?

Yes. This link, and this link, show that the thing is so critically acclaimed that it is probably safe to say the problem is on the receiver’s end. It could be Renoise, it could be your hardware, it could be a software MIDI accessory. Not very specific, but it’s a start.

EDIT: Or is it used? Then the text above is obsolete; it could simply be broken.

No, it’s new. And now that i tested it on another machine, it IS simply broken. (the guy from the store where i bought it thinks that too; quote: “Pushing a button -hard- to make it work, esp. on a digital device definitely means a hardware defect”). So i’m sending it back and will see if the new one will do.
Thanks anyway!


Hack the pads off. The XY still works…

found on matrixsynth

Yeah, the XY worked on mine too. But I paid (not much, though, i have to admit) for 12 pads and so i want 12 working pads. Or at least to ruin them by myself… ;)