Korg Padkontrol

I just got a PadKontrol, but I haven’t tried do do anything too elaborate (yet), other then testing it with BFD and Microtonic (works great - as any midi controller should).

Therefore I haven’t investigated too much, but just to build some anticipation (or not), can you do this type of stuff in Renoise?


The answer is yes, kind of, you can obviously set up the pads to play notes of your choice. We’ll be needing some quantisation on playback though, and probably support foro>1 midi channel input. I haven’t finished setting up a scene for my Kontrol 49 yet or properly explored it’s full potential. Have you tried to use the editing software for it yet? Not entirely sure if it’s available for the padKontrol, but it makes life really easy for the 49 :)

I finished reading its manual. Things are pretty clear. Along with a couple of videos available on youtube, you pretty much have everything you need to be up and running.

padkontrol also have the editing soft. makes things easy to set up indeed.

so renoise doesn’t have a way to quantize while playing a midi controller on the fly? Tryed to run BFD in live along with the padkontrol, and that junk crashes in no time! Renoise loads EVERYTHING faster and I don’t get a single crash! :yeah:

As I said I haven’t fully looked into it. But I’ll be free from this school’s semester tonight and I’ll be playing around with my new toy (and grabbing music theory by the balls - gotta learn some of it!).

I’ll let you know.


I have got one of these bad boys on its way in the post…

I am wanting to pretty much get the full MPC thing going with renoise and this bit of kit…

With no quantise I am guessing its nearly impossible (unless you are bang on with your timing)…

Anyone had any experience with this?

I have it as well, but I really don’t use it. I’m using my trusty oxygen 8. Will have a go and see what’s up.

p.s. Owen, we need to get togeather on a track bro.

IS it possible to get the maximum out of the padkontrol in renoise?

I haven’t tried this, but if you set the speed multiplier to quadruple the value you usually work in and change the size of your patterns to 1/4th, you will have a quantized grid for recording in.

thats the case with many controllers, at least the ones i used.

but you could also simply up/down the octave right inside renoise, instead of reprogramming the controllers scene. (would be ‘ok’ if you could switch the octave with a midi message though)