Korg Padkontrol

anyone got a setup with renoise and korg padkontrol?

Though I’m still not so good at using it, I have padKONTROL too.
What can’t you understand concretely? (What do you want to do?)

Yes I have Korg padKONTROL and use it with Renoise.

Yes, I have that setup and it works perfectly. The only point to remember is that, depending on the kind of samples you are triggering, sometimes it is more convenient to turn off the sending of NOTE OFF midi messages in the preferences of Renoise.

i’m currently building a patch in max/msp that basically throws on a midi transpose/octave function. the pk’s two knobs will control each, one for transpose, one for octave shifting. this opens up the padkontrol to be a more expressive melodic instrument, allowing you to quickly access different octaves and pitches. i’m also going to throw on some sort of scale function which will let me select a certain scale to play in and will line up each pad’s midi number to be in sync with the current scale/key signature.

mail me your setups? mlit83 at gmail ?

(sorry for short answer, but busy drinkin cold beer in 35 celcius gearing up for safe as milk festival :D

My setup:
CME UF5 piano-style keyboard controller goes into “MIDI In” on padKONTROL.
pad KONTROL goes into PC via USB.
I can patch padKONTROL and CME to different instruments in JACK (I’m on Linux).
No drivers needed on Linux for standard operation but the librarian software is for Windows and Mac only.

NB: It is possible to set up 16 different “scenes” on padKONTROL so you can route the trigger pads to different MIDI notes.
eg. Scene 1 could cover C1-D#2, Scene 2 could go from C2-D#3 etc etc. It is really easy to switch Scenes