Korg R3 Preset Collage


Since the beginning of this year I’ve been freelance writing for a Dutch audio magazine called Interface. Now I’ve just finished my first hardware review of the Korg R3 (a small lill synth / vocoder combo remeniscent of the microKORG) and I made a demo mix to go with the magazine’s cd.

You can check out the preset collage here:



OK I have to take a stand now. I’ve been clicking your links for years now, only grumbling quietly to myself about having to go through one of those advertiser download sites every time.
I’m tired of having to wait for flash animations and cookie loaders to hear your stuff!
(if you want I can give you a subdomain of your own on my site for filedumps…?)

lol, is it that bad really? :) I use mozilla & kerio firewall here that block all the advertisements. So I just get a page with a download button, no irritating pop ups. MMMmm, actually I have a ftp site myself, where I could upload shit. next time I’ll use that one.

Cheers for the offer tho.