Korg Radias Midi Deadlocks When Quitting Renoise

Hello community,

Since Renoise 2.0 is out it crashes (nearby) every time I exit it.
In my opinion thats a problem with the midi driver shutdown routine.

I use following configuration:

Vista32 (i know…)
Renoise RC3 and last official versions.
Emu 1212m Soundcard
CME UF7 midi keyboard routed through a Korg Radias.

If i dont power on the Radias renoise shuts down flawlessly. (means USB midi driver is inactive)
If Radias is on Renoise crashes.

Any ideas ?

thanks in advanced

p.s. i didnt find any crash log. So if there is one please tell me where;)

The crashlog has a direct link in the “Help” dropdown menu of Renoise.
Does Renoise also crash if your CME UF7 has been turned off?

How does the MIDI driver behaves if it has been active since bootup (and when Renoise has been started)?
The problem with USB MIDI drivers is:No active device = inactive driver.
When you fire up a MIDI device across USB and the driver revives when Renoise is active, i can somehow understand why that won’t work. MIDI devices should be active when Renoise scans your devices.

But perhaps you saved a song that communicates with your MIDI device and somehow is able to do so when you have activated your MIDI device after Renoise startup and then loading that song.

The log file might make things more clear on this.

As VV said: The log should help us to see what’s going wrong. Its very very unlikely that this is a problem in Renoise though, but more likely that the driver is broken or buggy. Have you already checked if the same thing happens in other MIDI applications?

Also one thing that might cause problems and is probably special in Renoise:
Renoise supports WDM drivers & “normal” Drivers. Using both of them at the same time can cause troubles with some drivers. So please make sure that you have not selected a “My Device” & a “My Device (WDM)” at once in Renoise…

Hi thanks for your reply,

Renoise itself doesn’t crash while using. It can’t shutdown midi subsystem on exiting.

Renoise is the only apllication which crashes because of midi

Ive got 2 virtual midi devices for my Radias:
Radias Midi In ( the input port of the synth where my keyboard is cvonnected)
and Radias knob (The controls knobs etc)
Have a look to the image:

if i use just one I can exit renoise without problems. If i use both (which I need) it crashes on exit.

If gyout got any other ideas…

thanks in advance Max

this is my log entry :

Version : Renoise V2.0.0 (Jan 14 2009)
Date : 2009-02-10
Time : 19:58:52
OS : Windows Vista Service Pack 1

CPU: Found 1 enabled unit(s) with 4 core(s) / 4 logical processor(s) per unit. 4 cores are enabled in total.

Application: Showing the splash window…
Application: Initializing the API…

QuickTime: Initializing…
QuickTime: Initializing QuickTime (QTML) FAILED (QuickTime might not be installed)…
QuickTime: Initializing QuickTime (EnterMovies) FAILED (QuickTime might not be installed)…

Graphport: Initializing Freeimage…

GraphPort: Initializing DirectX…
GraphPort: Checking the DirectX version…
GraphPort: Obtaining and configuring the DirectX interface…
GraphPort: Initializing the Font Engine…

MIDI: Initializing DirectMusic…
MIDI: Enumerating DirectMusic (WDM) MIDI devices…

MIDI: Skipping emulated WDM device ‘Microsoft MIDI Mapper [Emuliert]’
MIDI: Skipping emulated WDM device ‘Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth [Emuliert]’
MIDI: Skipping emulated WDM device ‘RADIAS 1 MIDI OUT [Emuliert]’
MIDI: Skipping emulated WDM device ‘RADIAS 1 SOUND [Emuliert]’
MIDI: Skipping emulated WDM device ‘E-DSP MIDI Port [D000] [Emuliert]’
MIDI: Skipping emulated WDM device ‘RADIAS 1 MIDI IN [Emuliert]’
MIDI: Skipping emulated WDM device ‘RADIAS 1 KBD/KNOB [Emuliert]’
MIDI: Skipping emulated WDM device ‘E-DSP MIDI Port [D000] [Emuliert]’
MIDI: Skipping softsynth WDM out-device ‘Microsoft Synthesizer’ (not supported)
MIDI: Enumerating Windows MME MIDI devices…
MIDI: Adding MME in-device ‘RADIAS 1 MIDI IN’
MIDI: Adding MME in-device ‘RADIAS 1 KBD/KNOB’
MIDI: Adding MME in-device ‘E-DSP MIDI Port [D000]’
MIDI: Adding MME out-device ‘Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth’
MIDI: Adding MME out-device ‘RADIAS 1 MIDI OUT’
MIDI: Adding MME out-device ‘RADIAS 1 SOUND’
MIDI: Adding MME out-device ‘E-DSP MIDI Port [D000]’
MIDI: Finished device enumeration

DspDevices: Registering native DSP effects…

Application: Creating the main application…
Application: Start running…
Application: Loading the preferences…
Application: Init…

VSTPlugs: VST paths are not (yet) set. Skipping enumeration…

ASIO: Initializing
ASIO: Trying to open ‘E-MU ASIO’
ASIO: LoadAsioDriver … OK
ASIO: Using SampleRate 48000
ASIO: PostOutput is supported
ASIO: FillDriverInfo … OK
ASIO: InputBuffers: 8 available, 8 selected - Type 18
ASIO: OutputBuffers: 2 available, 2 selected - Type 18
ASIO: OutputLatency: 399, InputLatency: 455
ASIO: CreateBuffers … OK
ASIO: Up and running

MIDI: Opening MME Midi-In device ‘RADIAS 1 MIDI IN’
MIDI: Opening MME Midi-Out device ‘RADIAS 1 SOUND’

Application: Creating a new document…

Timer: Seems safe to use the ‘QueryPerformance’ counters…

Player: Constructing…
Player: Attaching to the document…
Player: Creating the slave threads…
Player: Start running…

GUI: Creating the Document GUI…
GUI: Successfully constructed

Application: A new document was created.

GraphPort: Initializing in WindowedMode
GraphPort: Successfully initialized

Application: Init OK
Application: Enter MainLoop…


Your log doesn’t show any crash at all…

Can you post a screenshot of the crash message?

Here’s a shot .

btw a third midi in /second midi out device would be great…
yeah i know it’s a tracker ;)

I suspect Renoise most likely considers both Radias devices having a separate driver while they probably share the same device driver.
If one of both is closed, the other one cannot be closed anylonger but Renoise doesn’t know and just tries (guess).

I don’t know if this can be detected or if the device somehow can be recognized that it is using a shared driver.

I thinks that’s exactly the problem.
I had similar problems with an application i wrote for my company.(unbinding an usb device with two virtual drivers. storage and serial interface)
in this Situation i knew that unbinding device A will result in automatically unbinding of device B and so i could overjump the second procedure.
But i know that this isn’t a solution for a program like renoise which has to handle almost all hardware.

I will contact the korg support , too. wheter there’s a workaround for that issue. Perhaps they can do s.th. on th driver side. I will let you know when they give me a proper answer

So far i rewired my setup as a temporary solution. But we should keep an eye on this.

best regards

This would be a Vista problem only then.
I don’t have any problems with it on XP

With the Radias ?

Thats up to the driver to handle. Application just get “ports” they open and close. Where they route to, if they share the same hardware, no hardware at all, is nothing we can take control of.

What is that “RADIAS 1 Sound” you’ve routed MIDI clocks to? Probably you have created a feedback loop this way?

In my XP setup it’s the port I must use to control the radias module with the keyboard (local off, so it’s like a master keyboard)
so I really think the routing to the MIDI clock makes no sense.

Hi there.
NO KOrg Sound makes no loop back it’s lik following:
Have a look at this nice and confusing picture:

Radias sound is the USB midi in

knob control and midi in 1 are the USB midi outs

how do you have the local settings on your Radias?
you clearly have another hookup.

here a quote of the original manual (not for you but for people to better understand your “confusing picture” :P

This port receives MIDI messages that are input to the
RADIAS’ MIDI IN connector. For example, this allows
MIDI messages from an external sequencer to be sent to
an application on your computer, or the RADIAS to be
used as a USB-MIDI interface. To do so, choose this port
in the MIDI input settings of your application.

This port receives MIDI messages from the RADIAS’
keyboard and knobs. This port is also used to receive
data dumps.
If you want to use this port, set the Global mode
P04: MIDI page “Routing” to USB or USB+MIDI.
MIDI OUT devices

MIDI messages sent from your software via this port are
transmitted without change from the RADIAS’ MIDI
OUT connector. If you want to use the RADIAS as a
USB-MIDI interface, for example to transmit MIDI messages
from your computer application to an external device,
choose this port in the MIDI output settings of your

Use this port to play the RADIAS’ sound generator
from your software, or to transmit data dumps.
If you want to use this port, set the Global mode
P04: MIDI page “Routing” to USB or USB+MIDI.