Korg Taktile 25 and renoise

Hey there, does someone know if Korg Taktile 25 works with renoise? and if the arpeggios are midi or there’s a hw synth part (probably not)? I guess also the XY pad should work with renoise if this device works :)/>

Thank you!

PS: If someone already tried it please share his/her opinions! :)/>

As a keyboard controller, it would be pretty silly if the arp/chord functions didn’t transmit over MIDI. Sames goes for the XY pad and ribbon.

Thanks for the clue ;) I double checked the official website and it seems that it’s not a silly device (i.e. should transmit over MIDI) Would be awesome anyway if someone could share his/her feedbacks about this device!

Thanks Veggies

I don’t think anyone will be able to give feedback on this quite yet… it’s not available until sometime in the summer :P

oops ;D I saw it on thomann’s website, maybe I had an hallucination ;D

Hello! I just have the krog taktile 25. i installed the manufacturer driver and its recognized. in renoise its not showing up. in a other DAW i can select a lot switches of it! please help how to connect it to renoise.


on a other pc it works as it should with renoise, i just didnt had installed manufacturer drivers!

So on my main pc i uninstalled the driver, removed from device manager the taktile, then plugged again, it installed, but again no show on this pc :expressionless:


it was on a bad usb port, i now have it on usb3 on this device and all works fine.

It doesn’t appear in Renoise at all (preferences > midi > input) ?

KORG website states that it should work with any DAW that can receive midi data

it was on a bad usb port, now have i it on usb3 on this device and all works fine.

by the way, there was a sotare bundle pin! I have some very nice vst now for free, they look expensive, also a reason limited was included.