Kowareta Hyoushi - Menschen Wie Du Und Ich

Kowareta Hyoushi - Menschen wie du und ich

Produced with Renoise, what else!

Cool beat programming… more work and less vst is impressive these days…

Love the grind in the middle, perfectly scary.

VST-Noise ( ^_^

yeah nice track…

nicely panned to the max… but i get the feeling the lower freqs lack a good mastering… in other words the bassdrums dont sound that good.

Sorry, but we are not professional. :ph34r:

This is just farkin ace!!
I’m only wishing the breaks were little less muffled.
But shit yeah, tight and funky

atari teenage riot & e-de-cologne come to mind.
really love the harsh seperation of left and right channels of the stereo image here.
good stuff!