Kowareta Hyoushi Release (made With Renoise)

Kowareta Hyoushi - Mangel an Talent EP (RRR1200C)
->Breakcore, Drum & Bass And A Little Bit Breakbeat :drummer:
->12’’ Front & Back Cover harhar
->Exclusiv (funny) Interview
->All Tracks Made With Renoise!
->Renoise Logo (Thanks To Renoise-Crew)
->A Lot Of Love

Restroom Records --------|> http://www.r-r-r.org
Kowareta Hyoushi --------|> http://www.kowareta.de
Vojeet --------|> http://home.arcor.de/vojeet

Coming Soon (August 2005)

Kowareta Hyoushi - Hakkyou No Buta No Mikkusu + Interview (75MB *.mp3)
more one www.kowareta.de

A02 complete as mp3
B03 complete as mp3


greeeeeeeeeeeeeeat release!! im speechless… didn’t understand much of the interview… tho some words like, ‘the best tracker’ ;)

anyways, awesome! did you mix it in renoise or make the songs seperate and then mix them with another program/vinyl/etc ?

Congratulations on the release.



what do you mean with mix it? all tracks were completely made in renoise and mastered with wavelab afterwards. thats it.

very happy to see renoise logo on the pack ;)


question: does this mean that any of us can put the renoise logo on any commercial projects we release that were done in renoise?

you are strongly encouraged to do so. We won’t ask you money for this :)

well obviously the songs are mixed into eachother… :ph34r:


mixed into each other? no, why should they? its an album and no mix.

i didnt say it was a mix. it’s just that the album is one big file. 1:10:56 of length and the songs overlap to one and another without actually stoping.

its a vinyl! and the tracks are seperated from each other of course. <_<

Really weird stuff! Keep it on. Congratz to release :)

:yeah: THX!


Wow, slick record.


Any online stores selling this to Canadians?

Oaahhh! Real Hard Core sheat! :panic:
Enjoyed listerning teaser & interview.

Nice to see that underground people like you have chance to release their heavyly perverted brassboard music on vinyls.

Congratulations ! :yeah: :yeah: :yeah:
Keep goin’ & Good luck !

i will let you know if i know more about the distribution in canada. the owner of the label has good contacts and his records are also sold in the usa and japan i think.

do you mean also online stores not located in canada? www.r-r-r.org has it for sure (the label, hehe) but the page isn’t updated yet because the guy is moving into another flat. www.sbm-online.de should have it too and probably also www.ant-zen.com

but as i said, i will post any further news of course.

If you know of stores in Montreal selling this keep me posted.

I was more interested, and asking for, a mailorder service that shipped here, i’d paypal for this album. To show support and own it.


Excellent :)

i would really like one of these LPs as well. aside from the renoise logo the album art looks beautiful (and expensive from a manufacturing standpoint)