Kowareta Hyoushi - Sport Und Hokkaido Krabben [Azumanga-Core]

アーティスト | Artist: Kowareta Hyoushi
タイトル | Title: Sport Und Hokkaido Krabben
向き | Style: Breakcore
タグ | Tag: #あずまんが大王 #funny #Anime #Japanese #bizarre #absurd #Kowareta #Mockradar #Vojeet #Breakcore #Renoise #breaks
体長 | Length: 05min,38s
ダウンロード | Download: http://soundcloud.com/vojeet/kowareta-hyoushi-sport-und

ψ(`∇´)ψ うきょきょきょ

Kowareta Hyoushi is the Breakcore alter ego of Darkstep Pioneer Vojeet (but we just call him “El Capitan” here at MR headquarters) Japanophile at heart, Kowareta Hyoushi exemplifies an irreproachable scholarly technical wizardry with his self titled release on MockRadar. Conjuring trace ingredients from Noise, Drum & Bass, and Chiptune. Kowareta Hyoushi craft’s circuitous melodies that mesmerize listeners as colored drumscapes form labyrinthine rhythems. You will be impressed, bewildered, and left astonished as there is never a dull moment on this excursion. So, strap in and prepare yourself for an expedition into the underground. Brace yourself for another fundamental stop on the ever continuing odyssey that is MockRadar’s tour of eclectic electronic esoterica with MR019 - Kowareta Hyoushi.

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