Kraftwerk Remix Contest…lancholic-afro/

Good news is - you dont have to register to download samplepack. Fun stuff

autobahn ja? :)

We are the robots

I’m the operator
with my
pocket calculator

“Band with an ex member of kraftwerk in remix contest.”


Yh… the track to remix is garbage. No wonder they want remixes for free.

Yeah, the only way to remix this is to make something offensive out of it :lol:

Okay, whoever makes the most creative insult from this wins :D

out of curiosity: am I the only one here thinking that Kraftwerk sucked big times even during 70’s?


Run it thru microsoft songsmith!

Hell no. They had many simple and catchy tunes… and of course also bad tracks, like everyone else.
Not only that, my sincere guess is that many of todays electronic musicians and artists took great influence from their music.

Hooligan: we definitely agree then :)

Yep. They could pull fantastic melodies and textures out but could also easily end up hamming things right up.

kraftwerk is pretty lame, though they where kinda pioneering some
territory… so they got some cred.

Boing bomchack…



Meh, I totally forgot about this… it doesn’t really make sense to “work” on this more after the deadline has passed, so here goes nothing :P

This is a masterpiece!

I put it into the same category as -

California Dreaming 386dx