Kramer Using The N-word

Michael Richards, Kramer from Seinfeld, got mad at a group of people interrupting him at Laugh Factory.

Started throwing racial slurs.

Wow… I never liked the “Seinfeld” Show. I never liked Kramer as well but this is just… sick.…ted&search=

In this video, Michael Richards apologizes on The Letterman show…

It helps, kinda feel bad for the guy.

Shame the last vid is removed, I’d love to see him explain himself. I saw that first vid as some pathetic, racist attempt at “making fun” of racism itself, like “black people can say niah so I can too say niah”, and it simply doesn’t work that way. He wasn’t funny. The vid made me sick, as I loved him on the show…

Hey Sag.

The video of him on the Letterman show, where he excuses himself, is kind of sad. He seems very very regreatful, although he can’t seem to explain what he wants to say. He stutters, he starts talking about the blacks situations during the Katrina-incident… not very good. He should’ve thought about what he should say before going live and talking about his mistake.

Still love him in the series, he’s an awesome actor.
Too bad he lost his temper.

Indeed Richards seems very regretful about the issue and shaken up by it getting out of hand. We don’t really know what triggered his rage so much, as the clip starts when he’s getting revenge, but it’s sad to see anyway.