Krinjah's New Website

I think maybe only Choice may care about this, but passing the word along from one of our local heroes:

MP3 links a plenty.

your totally correct!

this is quite the surprise!
he is a great producer.

he isnt tracking now is he?
you should kidnap him, an teach him the way of the jedi!
seriously, it would be heaven to hear what he could do in renoise.

He lives in the neighborhood.

I fixed his computer once back in the day and got some free records out of it. During which I remember he said something to the effect of using Trackers in the late 90’s but I think he uses Acid exclusively these days? At least that’s what I saw the last time I saw his setup. Maybe it’s changing again?


Hey guys, im actually a big ragga jungle fan here too, krinjah is one of my fav junglists :yeah: Many thanks for the link :D

well alot of his earlier stuff certainly had the acidpro sound,
acid’s chopper thing puts an unmistakable Pitter Patter sound on the amen snares, (resident in too much newschool rj) tho he really knows how to use it.
i didnt really want to mention anything about acid since its looked down on so much but,
his production is so well beyond the limitations of it, that if he still does use it, its becoming hard for me to tell.

please dont say anything to him, but i feel as he progresses, he’s going to become reknowned like Miles Davis or Coltrane. :)

thanks again man!

Yo, for anyone who’s keeping up with this guy, he just released the Tiger Tech 001, 12" - his new label.

I ordered my copy via Paypal and got it today. Totally awesome jungle plate. Check it.

Yo! nice up for the heads up Conner.
even though he ain’t rollin with us i still deeply enjoy his Sound. :)