Kurzweil Program Change Issues

Hi! I have a kurzweil k2500 and there is a problem when I try to set the tracks channel and program numbers. I can set programs in renoise only between 0 and 127 and thats not good.

On my kurzweil there are factory rom patches 1-199. My own preset start at 200 and I set my preset list on the synth from 200 to 550, i use that much presets. Can renoise handle this? What can I do in renoise to assign e.g. preset 213 to track 1 on channel 1 and preset 899 (yes on the kurz we can have 1000 presets) to track 2 on channel 5? Kurzweils has a few program change methods which can be selected, I selected all, but the problem is there. I cannot change e.g. to preset 348. Oh, and the bank change function in the isntrument settings - midi properties is not working.

The midi connection between the synth and renoise is 100%, because I can record midi notes, controllers, everything.

And how can I send program change effects from the pattern? How can I program it to renoise?

If I cannot change progs on my kurz, then I cannot use renoise :(