Kvr Group Buying

look here

I don’t know if you ever tried group buying (a group of people subscribe together to an offer of buying and, the more they are, the less the price is).

There are a lot of group buying projects coming to life. The linked one is about RGC z3ta+, but you can also find others here

[b]Current situation for z3ta+:

  • 101 buyers
  • offer ends on october the first.
  • normal price: 150 euros. Discount price: 105 euros.
  • if 150 buyers will be reached, selling price will be 90 euros instead of 105.[/b]

Awesome! The links time out at the moment… Must be very busy right now!

Yeah seen these over at KVR aswell myself recently. Some very nice VSTs being sold this way. Will definitely be tempted to get the plastic out if impOSCar comes up for this soon…

Now you can buy Z3ta+ for 90€ (instead of 150€) until Oct 1st!

I have received an email by RGC audio which said that, since the 150 users barrier has been reached, I can already download my copy (so I did) and the price will be 90€.

See the first post of this thread for details.