Kvr Tsunami Relief Contest Entry

This is my latest tune with renoise and my entry entry for the KvR tsunami relief contest (thread about the contest for people interested in joining can be found HERE)

My tune can be found HERE
It is not a direct link but is in the auditorium post linked. (no direct linking allowed but other than that a very good site)

Any feedback appreciated



(4tune @ the auditorium)

Yeah! very commercial music like, in a good way. Good vocals, it’s got a happy feel to it. What’s the message of this song for the ppl who suffer(ed) from the tsunami? B)

No real message for the actual people who suffered from the tsunami as I don`t think I could even begin to have the comprehension of what they went or are going through. The connection with it is that you donated to the cause by purchasing the preset banks to write your song with. Beyond that it is just a song for a competition to do your best with the sounds provided, there were also categories specified for specific prizes offered in this comp.

You can read more about the contest in the first thread I linked if you are interested.

Thanks very much comments also Kcirr3d :)

very groovy vibe, i like the chord progressions and the breakdown parts where it says “oh baby”.

the bassline sounds kinda cheap but i guess that’s what you get when you have to use a sample pack, use what is available to you

very cool

:lol: I quite liked the bass sample for this :P , but there we go, one mans idea of good is anothers idea of cheese!

Thanks very much for the positive comments also dj io!