Kxx And Lxx Forever

Did you ever used Kxx and Lxx commands in FastTracker2?

I did it a lot, but maybe most of you FT2 users didn’t even know about Kxx, as it was an undocumented FT2 command.

So what they do on FT2?

Kxx sends a noteoff to the track after xx ticks.

Lxx sets the volume envelope position to an offset of xx ticks after the beginning.

As we have three digits in the command column, we could also reserve the first one to tell ReNoise which envelope to affect.
L112 = offset the first envelope of 12(hex) ticks.
L00A would mean affect all envelopes (volume, pitch, lfo…)

About Kyxx, we could use the first digit to identify the note column to be affected, and again 0 would mean all.

Kyxx could let us get rid of continue pattern speed demultiplication when wanting to put a noteoff between two notes which are currently one after another.

Lyxx would let us abuse of enevlopes as we did on FT2.

Both are commands used only by the most advanced tracker users, I know, but aren’t a lot of tracking gurus using ReNoise nowadays? :ph34r:

as far as i can remember Lxx sets start points (not ticks) of both envelopes (volume and panning) in ft2.

anyways, that support would be good for xm importing and more advanced set of commands, that’s good anyway. just gotta wait a bit when it will be possible to use G-Z letters for command.

or i might be wrong… i remember i tested it ages ago… something weird happened with my memory…

I’d vote for that. I remember, i used the L-command in a chiptune once :)

Offsettig envelopes can make sounds more variyng, thats cool. For hihats, for example.

Loolarge :drummer:

Yeah, I miss those effects too. Especially the Lxx command.
Please implement them :)

(ermmm… maybe this is a bit really oldskool but does nobody miss nibbles by the way ? :D)