La Roux

i like 80s electro pop. these guys are the best!!

and a good 2nd point is, i have sexual fantasies over the lesbien singer :yeah: :wacko: :walkman:

yes, yes indeed.

I think she’s rubbish :panic:

One ugly cow, but voice suits to music very well

I’ve only heard ‘in for the kill’ or whatever its called, but… her voice is absolutely repulsive on that song. Really truly horrible.

Autotune :P I can definately hear it!

check out the skream remix… it will blow your mind.

nawwwww…it’s so sparse and boring. He just chucked it together.

depends on what you prefer I suppose, but I felt that it was an improvement x100, compared to the original. I heard it in a club at first though at a live show with skream and benga back to back…

I saw a band play it live at the secret garden party, t’was a big improvement. Gotta admit I like the la roux version too, but there really isn’t a lot to it.

Sorry dp…

Thanks for the tip, pretty solid melodies

Though a bit to simple to really blow me away.

Very much Yazoo feeling but I prefere them. Hope they will continue and improve…

The remix was nice.

La Roux | Bulletproof ‘Wounded’ Remix