Lack Of Memory Crashing

Well this probably isn’t really a bug, but renoise is really shitty when it has to handle big files and usually i always get to level when i use all of my ram and swap and renoise starts crashing, sometimes it can’t even save my project because of memory problems, or cut samples in the editor because it sais something like there is not enough memory yet …
i think one of the problems is the neverending undo, i suggest that some button “release undo memory” would be handy, else renoise tries to remember every step including cutting big chunks of samples when you don’t really need it, maybe configurable undo would help there. i often need to work with long tracks of projects rendered from other sequencers and i know i should chop everything to smaller samples but sometimes this isn’t an option…
romplers + big samples = unavoidable crash and lot of hassle

btw i’m on 2gigs of ram, got 100+ gigs free on both hard drives i’m using… i was wondering if setting some big swap file in windows permanently would help… what do you think ?

well for example now, my tune got saved during crashing and now it is unable to open everything - with the error ::

"Loading of sample “xx” failed with the error : ‘out of memory (while allocating a sample buffer)!’

Windows XP only allows 3GB of RAM to be used per app (if set in the boot.ini) so it always starts swapping after 3GB has been filled.
Setting a big swap file may help in some way, but take care you defrag your harddrive before you do that. A fragmented pagefile is the last thing you are looking for and this also can cause a lot of problems.
Such kind of problems are most likely beyond a solution Renoise can do for now.
I hope some day DFD streaming and the like is being added to Renoise to get rid of these type of problems.
Still, this won’t fix memory problems if they are caused by sampler VSTs that don’t support DFD streaming.

yeah :confused: problem is that it usually happens with too large samples inside of renoise, imagine you have 40mb wav file, you edit it in sample editor and it saves every step of the edit in ram so it can undo

Undo in Renoise does not use memory but your HD, so thats not the problem.

As said by VV: The only thing we can do to solve this is by adding DFD streaming support.
Even if we manage to always handle low memory situations (and we tried as good as we could), there is always a VST plug which then simply crashes the host…

oh well good to know, i thought it could be the problem because after a while of using the track, renoise doesn’t let me add any more samples or edit the big ones