Ladspa Collection-Best Plugins


I’m using renoise 2.8.1 and I’m in search of LADSPA plugins to use with Renoise.
Any of you know any site/collection with LADSPA (for music related) plugins?
I’m currently using the Renoise plugins contained with the program but I’m looking for some nice LADSPA plugins that could be used for music creation.

Anyone knows a site or collection of LADSPA plugins that I can use with Renoise that are music/sound oriented???

Also do you know how I can install these plugins to work with Renoise???

Lastly are there any other plugins except LADSPA that can be used with Renoise???

P.S. Does anybody know a way to use windows VST/VSTi s with Renoise? I’ve heard of dssi and fst but I don’t really know who to make use of these two. Anyone knows of a tutorial to make VSTs work in Linux?

Thx in advance

The Dot

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the easiest way to check all these things out ist to try out AV Linux. Boot it from CD, there are a lot LASDPA Plug-Ins Preinstalled, also some VSTs. So you can dig in deeper to see how to set these tools up.
a demo version of renoise ist preinstalled, too.