Ladspa dssi ppl - does this url absolutely need to be here?

i don’t get why there’s so much space wasted for showing some url at the start of the name of the device?

or do i need to just filter out

720  Audio/Effects/LADSPA/
721  Audio/Effects/LADSPA/
722  Audio/Effects/LADSPA/
723  Audio/Effects/LADSPA/
724  Audio/Effects/LADSPA/
725  Audio/Effects/LADSPA/
726  Audio/Effects/LADSPA/
727  Audio/Effects/LADSPA/
728  Audio/Effects/LADSPA/
729  Audio/Effects/LADSPA/
730  Audio/Effects/LADSPA/
731  Audio/Effects/LADSPA/
732  Audio/Effects/LADSPA/
733  Audio/Effects/LADSPA/
734  Audio/Effects/LADSPA/
735  Audio/Effects/LADSPA/
736  Audio/Effects/LADSPA/
737  Audio/Effects/LADSPA/
738  Audio/Effects/LADSPA/
739  Audio/Effects/LADSPA/
740  Audio/Effects/LADSPA/
741  Audio/Effects/LADSPA/

this type stuff?

That’s not normal in my opinion and it may be due to the way the LSP plugins are named. I would try other LADSPA plugins to confirm though.

others are not named like this. i’m just thinking, what is the point of outputting like that. seems crappy.

i’m having to filter these out from the name, which is tedious since i don’t have linux.

That’s what I thought. I think this is a a LSP plugins issue exclusively and maybe should be brought up to them.

okay, so there’s also this chunk of tools:

37  Audio/Effects/LADSPA/
38  Audio/Effects/LADSPA/
39  Audio/Effects/LADSPA/
40  Audio/Effects/LADSPA/
41  Audio/Effects/LADSPA/
42  Audio/Effects/LADSPA/
43  Audio/Effects/LADSPA/
44  Audio/Effects/LADSPA/
45  Audio/Effects/LADSPA/
46  Audio/Effects/LADSPA/
47  Audio/Effects/LADSPA/
48  Audio/Effects/LADSPA/
49  Audio/Effects/LADSPA/
50  Audio/Effects/LADSPA/
51  Audio/Effects/LADSPA/
52  Audio/Effects/LADSPA/
53  Audio/Effects/LADSPA/

i dunno, feels so underwhelming to have to filter them out with gsub.
and then there’ll probably be another set of devices with a different set of urls that i also need to filter out

This could be a cool regex challenge though, haha.

so something like everything before ?
ouch, that would only help a bit.