Lady & Her Extensive Gear Collection

I’ve never seen a lady own this much gear

“…I’m an eager collector of hardware synths that cover all synthesis types, effects processors, and MIDI control devices, and I have fun considering them all carefully in the context of my creative methods and the rest of my studio gear. I haven’t acquired soft-synths or effects plug-ins–I’m inspired by instruments that stand alone and are not dependent on other system elements…” by “Cikira”, the creative side of Amanda Pehlke

Girl… are you for reeeal. I’ve been looking for you since I died 6 times ago

Yeh nice studio for sure, I’d probably give her one if she let me keep some kit :-p

She’s not really that great looking though - bit too much fake tan.

I’m so shallow.

She’s got a sense of humour - the layout for the studio has room for a RTFM cart!!!

(as well as an amazing studio)