Laffik - Extradimensional Device Control

Hello Forum!

This is new episode in progression of extradimensional cases of Fox Mulder (me). This one is about extradimensional control of devices. The structure for this one is main-intro-digression-power. I don’t think you rush somewhere while listen… Do you? :slight_smile:


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It’s all about extradimensional pops toying with our equipment in our point of hyperspace. Hyperspace controlling devices in our point of hyper dimension. Devices switching off and on by “itself”, blocks and errors, reconfiguring, deleting files and such. I don’t think I am too silly for using equipment, it’s not designed like this either. These are surely some kind of extradimensional gremlins or hyperspace posse or both.

Instruments: Harmor, 3xosc, lots of FL studio Parametric Equalizers (rocks), FL Wave Shaper (parabolic soft saturation), Absynth, Massive, FM8, Melda Multiband Transient (punch on my snare - that’s this guy), Melda Freq-shifter (punch on my kick - that’s this guy), Essential Percussion Snare with Remo heads, Paiste 16" hihat and 20" ride, maracas, Meinl shakers, Zoom H1, Roland CS-10EM, Voxengo SPAN (spectrum polishing), Waves True Verb, Waves L1, Modartt Pianoteq, M-theory. 64 of 64 unique patterns. Sequenced in Renoise, sound design, cepstrum and mastering in FLStudio.

24bit 96kHz download available on Soundloud download button.


Man, I really like the percussion. It’s too experimental to really catch my ear, but I have to give props to that amazing mix and drum patterns. Excellent work!


love hearing those garage influences in there. love the minimal construction, the subtle wobbling synths, and your use of real cymbals. meinl for life tho.

i’ll agree with af95 in that it isn’t ear-catching, but one’s gotta admit, this is a quality mix, brother.

Sweet, sweet, sweet! Thanks for nice words. Superb you all like the mix. It’s spectrum smoothed with Parametric equalizers and shape of all sounds align to each other on spectrum analyser.

Cheers. You really nice.

When feedback is nice, then one is supposed to put something extra :)so, here goes - happy drum and bass version.