Laffik - Extradimensional Voyeurism

Hi Renoisers!

This is ninth episode of my extradimensional saga about Steven Hawking’s drift around hyper dimensions.

“He’s watching your heart and know what you want” - Apollo 440

This time it is about dudes, whose’s position along fourth axis of dimension and hyperperiscope made supervisors of us. As far as cultures go, there were always some kind of eyes that watch us: The God, Watchtower, Swiatowid, Big Brother. We were told to believe that they are some superintelligent beings, while frankly they are not any wiser than our pals from schoolbench - extradimensional voyeurists.

Let’s be constructive about it: “Hey hidden pal! How about buying yourself a plasma TV and giving us go?”


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instruments: Essential Percussion snare with brand heads, Paiste 16" and 20" hats, Meinl shakers, Tiger half moon tambourine, Absynth 5, FM8, Massive, Reaktor 5, Anima 1.3, Little Big Bass, Tone 2 Firebird, Algo Music String Synthesizer v1.1, Frontier VS-2 String Studio soundbank by Daniel Stawczyk, AAS String Studio VS-2, AMVST Claplab, Moppeltron, FL Parametric Equalizer, Wave Shaper, IL Wasp, IL Poizone, Waves L1, True Verb, Zoom H1

key points: 100+ sounds, 120dB snare - thunder in a spoon of water - beat that!, 64 of 64 patterns unique, raptials - cepstral partial peaks of sound spectrally smoothed with parametric equalizer, main-digression-intro-power, 135BPM, 2048 beats, 15:15:015, sequencing in Renoise, sound design and mastering in FLStudio.