Laffik - Instant Brainscan 24/7




Track with structure of intro-digression-main-power aka ERA-GSM. Spectrally smoothed cepstral sounds. 100+ sounds. Sound design and mastering done in FLStudio. Sequencing handmade in Renoise. Three months in making. Snare and crash recorded from acoustic instruments of snare and crash. Crash stroked with stick, brush and mallet. Step on carpet recorded and processed for kick. Native Instruments Massive, Absynth, FM8 and Image-Line Harmor for synth sounds. Edison saw generator with coca-cola spectrum envelope done with built-in FFT filter. Bulk lot of equalizers. Parabolic compression in Maximus and parabolic shaping in FL Wave Shaper for enhancing and Waves L2 Ultramaximizer on master track for famous brickwall limiting - must have in pop/dance category. Stupid tempo of 127BPM. 50Hz subbas, 64 of 64 patterns unique.

How can one person telepathically get thoughts of another from large distance… ?

Instant Brainscan 24/7