Laffik - Invention in G Neapolitan Minor

Hello Renoisers!

Here’s track I’ve made in Renoise with my tools Premier and Pathfinder.

Track is sequenced in Renoise and partially in FLStudio, piano is Modartt Pianoteq. Nice partial taming with parametric equalizer is added to block ear-piercing tones.


Good stuff. Please make it longer.

Cheers. This invention will be included in full flavour beat that I am making now (it will be uploaded in forum soon - here). Also, indeed, full size piece built in Premier and Pathfinder is already on my -todo- list next, so it will be here surely. Nice you wish to hear full composition like this, you have it granted. :slight_smile:

This is really cool!! I just dl’d your tools :slight_smile:

You just what?

You just what?

Downloaded your tools? They are still sitting on my desktop though… I need to install em

Ah!, dl’d - downloaded. I could had guessed. All for you, just doubleclick and they are there. All the best with them.