Laffik - Inductive Thought Pushing (Giberustronskaje Dogs)

Hello Renoisers!

Eighth part of extradimensional saga of x-files cases. This time is about samplers of thoughts.


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Track about samplers of magnetic field of thought used for recording spatial induction image around the brain. Inverted function may push thought into mind by projecting magnetic field around the head. Weird control machinery of hyperspace. Where irrelevant thoughts are coming from.

Track software and equipment: Premier, Progressor, Pathfinder and Processor - my Renoise tool scripts for melodists, Modartt Pianoteq, Absynth, Massive, Chromaphone, Izotope Ozone, Drumaxx, FL Convolver, FL Waveshaper, FL Parametric Equalizer (bulk lots), Morphine, FL Hardcore, stepping on carpet with crazy many FLStudio effects for making kick, Rectal Anarchy Buzz Generator Engine, Melda Transient Shaper and Frequency Shifter, Essential Percussion snare with Remo heads, Paiste hats, no dogs were kicked, snare smashed at full force, remember: “the more you hit, more it neat”, line up structure - line enthusiasts will be disappointed, main-intro-power-digression (gorsma), sequenced in Renoise, 64 of 64 patterns unique, sound design and mastering in FLStudio (32bit 96kHz), thanks to Fokkie ( for impulse responses used for bass wobble.

Cheers, have fun!