Laffik - Spacewarp Expansion

Hello Forum!

Here is the last part of main segment of hyperdimensional saga. Track about spacewarp expansion of space along one dimension releasing objects getting through it and becoming bigger. Imagine that a fly would get through it and become big as fly-bot. Disastrous!



tempo: 102BPM, GSMAOR - main, power, digression, intro, Tribal Metal Drum Suite, 20:12, 96kHz, 24bit, 887MB wave, 2048 beats, 64 of 64 patterns unique, no line, cepstrum, over 120dB snare - one broken snare head, download available, sound design and mastering in FLStudio, sequencing in Renoise, piano invention arranged of gradated interval tension and harmonized.

instruments: Modartt Pianoteq, Absynth 5, Massive, 3xOSC, Essential Percussion Snare with generic heads, Paiste 16" and 20" hats, Stagg BW-200-BK bongo, Tiger shaker and tambourine, Zoom H1


I always envy your spot on intense, snappy and clear midrange in the mix, especially the percussive elements…this is your big strength, I seldom encounter music with that property

Cheers. I don’t do absolutely anything special about this. Just keeping it empty with snare and ambient spooks. I’ve noticed that in many classic drum and bass tracks - bass is packed up to the full, top to the full and midrange is empty except snare and flams. You can clearly hear silence there between snare hits. It’s not my development. I’ve noticed it and decided to borrow some of this old skool drum and bass charm.

If it goes about snappyness - it must be the merit of condenser mic. Using this one for recording drums and percussive. Try Zoom H1 - hell good device for this, affordable and having excessive quality. No stint with strength of a hit - I am trying to reach maximum of Zooms range. I even broke the snare head recently. When you hit maximum it is audible somehow louder, even if sound in a mix got usual level.

I don’t do anything with transients - leaving them in natural state.

That’s how it goes.

Thanks for this nice post in the morning :slight_smile:

Cheers for nice words. Aren’t you exaggerating a bit? It’s just a drum suite recorded in good quality.

If it goes about sharing I shouldn’t share this project - it goes to publisher and he wouldn’t figured out who of us was first with it. What if he thought I removed your harmonic layer and published your track without it, like it was mine? Law is flipper.

Harmonic progressions in your track I’ve just listened are top notch though. I would be amused if you add chords in Renoise over downloaded mixdown of my track and published it on Sound Cloud and forum. Good luck with it.