Laffik - Spacewarp Miniaturisation

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It is great wonder how it is done that there is billions of devices that are made with such a microscopic precision. Amount of elements inside one microprocessor is around of milliards and it is made on nanometre scale. This milliards of elements would take many years to be installed, even by a machine, while they are produced in bulk amounts a day. Impossible. It could be produced one per a long time and even though maintaining that high precision would be unachievable. There is a solution getting out of hyperspace theory, which seem practice not just a theory. Could be one big microprocessor built of a transistors in usual scale and then moved through spacewarp shrink which makes objects inside space smaller together with moving along it. If object got out of the shrink through crack of space into regular sized space, it could have microdimensions in our macroscale. It would save many billiards of iterations and would seem more achievable that constructing millions of nanolittle and multicomplex devices every year. Great quantity of it would just spacecrack copier do.


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Key points: gsmora, 13 tracks, 170 sounds, 18:47 min, 109 BPM, 2048 beats, 120dB snare, 64 of 64 patterns unique, cepstral peaks of sound spectrally smothed with FL Parametric Equalizer, sequenced in Renoise, sound design in FLStudio.

Instruments: Harmor, Sytrus, Absynth, Massive, FM8, Spicy Guitar, Tone2 Firebird, Jungle Warfare CD, Quik Quak Pitchwheel, Modartt Pianoteq, Essential Percussion snare drum with generic heads, 16" and 20" Paiste PST 3 hats, Stagg bongo, Meinl shakers, Tiger maracas, triangle and tambourine, AAS String Studio VS-2, Toxic Biohazard, FL Hardcore, FL Wave Shaper, FL Parametric Equalizer, Edison, Waves L-2 and Trueverb, Voxengo SPAN, Celebrations candy box, Frugo lemonade bottle lid, Logitech mouse click, Robert Dyas pots, Pringles tube, police siren operated by Ltn. Dan Knights of Metropolitan Police appears courtesy of London Police Department, soccer yobs appears spontainously, morse code generated by online morse code generator -, Zoom H1.


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Yeah, 'cause it is fusion track made in FLStudio and Renoise.