Laid Back Chillout And Melodic Rap

it has been a long time since ive finished a track but heres two of my favs that i want heard…

Daymoe - TJRP (incomplete).ogg

rap with friends lyrics (1 verse and chorus only)…
Daymoe_Bufu - Pianorap.ogg

Listening to the “pianorap” now…

That piano-piece sounds strangely familiar, I think I’ve downloaded an earlier version of this…


The vocals are VERY low so it’s hard to tell what your friend is saying. I think you should make the vocals louder.

Another thing, which might just be my personal taste is the “tss” sound… Right after the snare. I don’t think it fits in with the rest. It gets a little too repetative.

Now about the TJRP, this one i REALLY like. The trumpet sounds very gangster-like, like in old gangster movies, hehe, very sweet indeed. Any vsti or sumthin you used for this?


Nice bass too, and i really liked the reverb on the drums. Funky background sounds too!

hey thanks for checking them out dufey!

umm yer the piano to me sounds like the x files theme, maybe thats why you recognise it, it was an accident. yer i know i gotta turn the vocals up. yer that tss sound is actually the open hihat yer i dont like it much either, ill try do something about that.

The trumpet was actually sampled. its was a one hit trumept blow and i resequenced it. i got the sample from a jazz sample cd called “on a jazz trip” one thing i think i gotta change on the beat is the main snare, its a bit too loud.