Lame but need help figuring out what's missing and tracklist for upcoming album and will give any advice/ideas abt your music in return

Yeah as I said, I j have heard all these songs too many times to discern a tracklist or vibe. There’s a couple things I’m p sure it might be missing but don’t wanna take it too far in a weird direction or over produce. Don’t wanna just link cause it’ll seem like promo and idk what’s done or not but it’s inspired by FFF, Sully, Nasenbluten and Tieum. Hopefully this is common enough to have some interest as my other friends who make stuff ask me similar things but I feel they have also heard these songs too much. Feel free to DM if you’d prefer, I would have used discord but I don’t check my phone enough and might ghost someone in a similar position who’s down or get buried, thanks for your time even if ur not down

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I’m down to give a listen.

Siiiick here’s a link to the album this far if you have any music I’m down to peep

If u haven’t listened yet here’s a SoundCloud link which should be easier Listen to album by Blockchain Wallet on #SoundCloud


Crazy speedy stuff but good.How the hell do you arrange this?My guess is you make it live?

Just finished my first listen through. I dig it. On first listen, track list overall works for me. Will give another listen and see if anything jumps out. Track 10 “Burier” ends a bit abruptly, doesn’t seem to line up with the following track.

Uhhh just 8lpb renoise mainly except stuff w golden boy I can upload some .xrns’ some of them are definitely more basic than they sound (only 10 tracks or so), that’s sick though glad you had input as you’re pretty prominent on the forums based on all my lurking but l just step record and do automation live with right click.

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Yeah relistening and noticed that, thank you for the feedback I’m gonna check it and probably keep the trackslisting

Reusing tracks w multiple effects for different instruments instead of sends I think is something I utilize a lot for change ups and one off samples to make things sound more complex or varied

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