Land of Endless Summer

Hello! I would like to share my mini album with you. I worked on it for the entire summer though the basic idea of the album came at once. Personally, I perceive the 5 tracks of the album as one solid work. So far it is my first experience of writing so many tracks during three months. I wanted to upload it on August, 30, but I had to opportunity to do so. Let this music give you some more summer, light, and warmth. I would be happy to hear any comments, if you feel like sharing them with me. Free download is available.

IntroSpectrum is so awesome! The beats, the melody, everything. It’s the best one in my humble opinion. Nice!! OutroSpace is also great, but a little short… It’s kinda “tabloid”, if you get what I mean. But, anyway, cool stuff!

Thanks for your comment Coddy.I wrote IntroSpectrum as a transition to summer, as if through those breaks the summer shoulders its way through the spring doors where it finally finds its rhythm, which is present throughout the entire album. I would really like to make OutroSpace as long as possible, but…Track is a representation of summer: it ends before you could say Jack Robinson, and you only get pleasant memories which you could recur over and over, as they incorporate summer vibes.