Landslide Purist- Bostrom Blues, Fanwise Dolly

Hi :)

Here are two free tracks for your download and listening enjoymarousal.

Bostrom Blues - 9 minute piano composition.

Fanwise Dolly - A shorter, dancier number, featuring alien wildlife.

And if that doesn’t reel you in, perhaps this picture of a crossbow will?


the piano thing is pretty neat… if you are looking for suggestions, I really think it should use more range in the keyboard… give us some sections with more low notes, and others with more high notes. I DO like the paddy sounds at the end though, after 9 minutes of piano, those were a big and pleasant surprise :)

cool stuff on the dancy number… crazy sounds and messed up beats. not too shabby :)

crossbow didn’t do anything for me <_<

Thank you for listening and your constructive comments! You’re probably right about the range on the keyboard. Though this one is (sort of) supposed to be a bit dirgey and depressing… I think I’ll do more with the paddy sounds. Glad you like! :)

Cheers re: dancy one too.


thought for a moment that Landslide (Tim Land) has moved from Logic to Renoise and thought, woo!.. Goin back to sleep, nite