Laptop Exclusively For Renoise

So i’m looking to buy a laptop whose only job will be to load and play back relatively complicated RNSes with VSTis and effects in a live environment. Does anyone have any pointers as to what kind of configuration i should be looking at?

I assume graphics board is uninteresting, as is any and all network capabilities
I’m also assuming i should go for a Core2 Duo configuration
The more ram the better? Or can i plateau at 1024mb
In terms of sound, what external sound cards would you recommend? ASIO is of course a must

The end goal here is a 2x laptop+2x external sound cards and a DJ mixer.

Anyone got similar setups going already? I’m kind of blank at the moment :)

I’ve been using an HP nx9420 laptop with Renoise for the past month and love it. Even with the built in soundcard which is just a 16-bit Sound Blaster Pro compatible. Great 17" widescreen, 1GB of ram, built in Num pad on the keyboard is nice to have as well. I’m not doing anything live, but it controlls all my VSTi plugins great. Hope that helps!

Why use two laptops and two external sound cards?

All you need is one Laptop, running two copies of Renoise and a soundcard with (at least) two outputs (The first copy of renoise routing to “out-channel 1/2” and the other copy of Renoise to “out-channel 3/4” on soundcard) and then connect to each channels on the DJ mixer.

This is how my setup looks like. Plus some external instruments into the other channels on the DJ mixer… :)



You know how embarassing it is to have your one computer and only source of audio crash/f*ck up during the peak of a live performance? Not a pretty sight :) It’s always good to have a backup. Waiting for Windows to reboot can feel like an eternity in front of a crowd of people in a silent room.


Thinking of doing the same. Was thinking of getting an IBM thinkpad, or an apple mac pro.

Do buy one with a separate graphics card build in and not onboard graphics… that can be a resource hog.

Yeah, sure. But who can buy one more laptop just for this reason? I cant afford buying one more computer for thousands of euros…
In that case you can have a CD-player or a mp3-player in case you have to reboot the computer.
Or why dont you sing? ;)


any machine recommendations?

I have a really good recommendation.



I hope this helps.

Oh, also…


Ipod with a DJ mix playing jacked into channel 2. Slam the mixer across and say sorry for the shit mix. Reboot at your leisure.

Good if all the Tequilas kick in mid set too and you cant see you hands very well.

Ghetto back up plans or STFU