"laptop Lullaby"

A more chilled-out piece than what I typically see here. I’m all for the high-energy stuff, but not all the time. It’s a little short (:56), but worth uploading, IMO. Thoughts?


Edit June 8, 2008: Extended after much work trying to get a new part to fit in without getting listeners lost.

outer spaces comes to my mind … its good as it is right now, just to short. would like to listen to more :)

very cool little song. i would love to hear more of this.

good effort for a first release, really! you seem to have some real potential at tracking details, keep up!

Nice intro… I fourth that. Repeat, evolve, reiterate, round-off, release.

Then I will Save As Source and chill out to your beautiful music.

I like this halloween candy fun size of a song. Very nice to my ears. I like the minimal offbeat percussion.

Beautiful. ReSelekted.

Nice for 4th composition.

Updated, extended. Took far longer than I expected.

Reminds me of ‘Berlin’ by Alva.Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto…
Good stuff. :)

Really nice little tune. Hops around wonderfully in my headphones.


This is a very VERY nice intro. It deserves to be continued for some 4 or 5 additional minutes.
I would love to hear it become a song, and I would love to be surprised by a heavy electro kick in the next pattern.

This can be a very powerful “Blade Runner” style soundtrack.

Are you planning on finishing this piece?
Do you have more songs somewhere?
What VSTs have you used (if any)?

Eventually, yes. All I have now is little bits and pieces of various experiments, I’ve been going back and adding things when I feel they work.

Only one other tidbit @ http://encryptio.com/music

All built-in effects - the XRNS source is up there if you want to have a look at the specifics. With this specifically, I wanted to see what I could do with an extremely limited instrument set; the first revision had just a sine, saw, and lowpassed impulse.